Trying out the #edmooc RSS

If you can see this post it probably means that you are in the MOOC for #edmooc and are kind of a digital and Ed nerd like I am. Welcome, fellow nerd. You who like to learn for free and don’t see the sense in paying thousands of dollars to academia just to learn something that should be public knowledge. Anyone else in the East Coast Chesapeake area out there?

Welcome to Social Media (and my world)!

Hi everyone, Thanks so much for stumbling across my blog. By some SEO magic, perhaps you found this first post this post. I have been making many key-phrase sacrifices to the Google gods, and now you’re here.

My name is Kelly-Lynne and I work in the big, bad world of Social Media. I live in Charm City Baltimore, and even though I’m not from here, am pretty attached to the craziness of this city and it’s awesome people.  I’m new to the game but I learn fast. You can follow me for even more content and actually interesting material at @kellynner. Be warned though, cat videos will not be shared as I do not endorse the sharing of cat videos. NO, not even cat’s with their heads through bread. Especially wheat bread. I will not stand for that.

If you have any questions about Social Media and how you can use it for your business (or for your personal use…although, I can’t really tell you how to find a husband or wife on Twitter… I would love to help.

From now on, this space will explore Social Media questions and problems that everyone seems to have but no one except for the elite few can answer…like “why is facebook giving me TEN gajillion updates that I don’t care about??” There is an answer for that question, and the question about the people with bread-headed cats as well as many more. Thanks for reading! I look forward to informing and entertaining you.

Keep it classy, Baltimore.